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Factor in a quickened chop of Dirk Desaever aka A Thunder Orchestra’s  Diabolical Gesture  and the deadly monotone jag of  Low Cool  by Cabaret Voltaire, plus some weirder revelations in  Rise Up Helicopter, Like A Bird  from Kaa Antelope and Martin Dupont’s blinding body worker,  The Light Goes Through My Mouth , and you’ve got a serious package that shows the roots of contemporary big room techno which may not be well known to the legion disciples of the Dettmann/Klock cult.

On the 42-minute-long LP, drones, modulating harmonic soundscapes and implied rhythms maintain an abstract emotional core while occasionally taking on vaporous, amorphous qualities. Similarly, von Rauch’s images – often borderline abstract in composition – resist being identified by location or spatial context. Nevertheless, they also hint at their spiritual origin.”

Marcel Dettmann has curated the third edition in Dekmantel’s Selectors compilation series and also has delivered a new mix for their Selectors

Marcel Dettmann* Dettmann·Marcel Dettmann* Dettmann·Marcel Dettmann* Dettmann·Marcel Dettmann* Dettmann·