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Some new discoveries from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books… including some things that maybe Man Was Not Meant To Know!  We met author Steve Hammond, who introduced us to his new science fiction saga Rise of the Penguins . “The War of the Species has begun. An ancient race of penguin has reemerged. From this race a powerful leader declares himself Overlord and unites the penguin clans of the world. His goal: to drive the human presence away from Antarctica and to exact revenge for the atrocities of the past against penguinkind. Through shadowy alliances and manipulation the Overlord launches a full scale war against the humans. The Overlord’s tactics are ruthless even against penguins under his command. Those who don’t conform to the Overlord’s ideals are pressed into obedience or worse. In the midst of bloody conflict against the humans a small Chinstrap penguin, Lavour, begins to see the folly of war and questions the motives of the Overlord. But can one penguin bring an end to the bloodshed and change their course of the war and restore peace?” No less than six books in the series are available now from Rockhopper Books , and a seventh volume is on the way soon. Visit the author’s web site to keep up to date. And remember to treat birds nicely!

Scientists all around the world had gauged penguin numbers as declining, as there being a ridiculously low, nearly extinct number of them. They were wrong. The Penguins believed that they were superior to all beings on Earth, and had slowly but surely hiding away in bunkers on the sea floor, where they plotted to increase their numbers to the point that no force could resist them.

Penguin Conspiracy - March Of The PenguinsPenguin Conspiracy - March Of The PenguinsPenguin Conspiracy - March Of The PenguinsPenguin Conspiracy - March Of The Penguins